Outback® Sunroof Louvre

The weather can change quickly so take control with the innovative Stratco Outback Sunroof Louvre Patio. Open and close the electronically controlled louvres to your desired position with just a flick of a switch. Let the sunlight in when the weather is sunny or close when it rains.

Your patio will be custom designed and made to suit your specific requirements.

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Flat Outback Patio

Control at your fingertips for the best of your weather choices

Control at your fingertips, your outdoor living will become state of the art.  Its electronically controlled louvres can be opened and closed to your desired position. 

By adjusting the rotating louvres with the handheld remote, you can easily control the level of sunlight, shade and weather shielding by opening and closing to your desired requirements.

The system even has an inbuilt rain sensor that will automatically close the blades if rain is detected (how clever is that). When the louvres are completely shut they form a beautiful ceiling-like interlocking profile that protects you from rain or shine.


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