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Flat Roof Garage

Simple, clean and understated lines are a feature of the practical and economical Flat Roof Shed or garage. They come in a wide range of garage sizes to choose from, there is a Flat Roof Outdoor Storage Shed to suit every requirement you may have.

Your shed/garage will be custom designed and made to suit your exact requirements. Contact us today for pricing and further details today.

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Flat Roof Garages

Available in a wide selection of colours to blend in your existing styling, Flat Roof Sheds come standard with gutters and downpipes. The roof and walls are clad with Prodek® steel sheeting. Single-sided colour is used on the garage walls, while the roof is unpainted zinc/al. The roof is also available in all single-sided wall colours, however additional costs apply. With deep 50mm ribs in the Prodek profile make it strong and durable as what you have come to expect from Stratco, this allows the inside of the garage to have a clean, uncluttered appearance without the need for support rails.


Gable Roof Garage

Form and function come together in the classic shape of the Gable Roof Shed. Featuring an extremely practical pitched roof, the Stratco Gable Roof Garage and caraport range takes full advantage of the floor space available. Perfect for all your outdoor storage needs.


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Gable Roof Garages

This is the original Stratco garage and it's still going strong, engineered to last and protect your pride and joy whether it's a boat, car, etc. Available in a wide range of sizes and colours, complete your shed with a roller or sliding door and let AusRoof handle the rest. The options are endless.


Cyclonic Garage

Designed for use in cyclone-prone areas, but are also a good idea in any coastal area, Cyclonic Gable Sheds are built to withstand Australian extreme weather conditions. Featuring an attractive and practical pitched roof and is available in a range of garage sizes and colours. Ideal for all your outdoor storage needs. Your shed will be custom designed and made to suit your exact requirements. Contact us for pricing and further details today.

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Cyclonic Garages

Designed and approved for use in areas with cyclonic conditions. The Gable Cyclonic Shed or garage features the timeless appeal of a 15-degree pitched garage roof. The gable roof delivers all the benefits of a self-cleaning shape on the outside with increased storage space and minimised heat build-up on the inside so as to keep you cool.

The shed walls are clad in durable and hard-wearing Superdek® steel sheeting. The 28mm high ribs in the Superdek profile make it extremely strong and tough. The roof is clad in the attractive and traditional Corrugated CGI profile. Both the roof and walls are available in pre-painted coloured steel or in un-painted zinc/al. Get a Free quote today. Contact AusRoof now!


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