Frontier Carport

The Stratco Frontier represents great value for money as it is designed to be a simple yet well-designed, freestanding carport, verandah and patio system.  It has an unpainted finish and is made with sturdy C-section beams.

  • Strong and durable steel frame design

  • Heavy-duty roof sheeting will keep your car cool and protected all year round

  • Safe, secure cover from even the largest hail stones and bad weather

Your patio will be custom designed and made to suit your specific requirements. Contact AusRoof for pricing and further details today.

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Carport, Verandah and Patio System

Protect your car with the Stratco Frontier Carport, Verandah and Patio System. Shield your car from the elements or expand your outdoor living and storage possibilities.

Not only will the Stratco Frontier's heavy duty roof sheeting keep your car cool all year round, but it will give you safe, secure cover from even the largest hail stones and bad weather.

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